Sea Chartering is in the service industry. Our advantage is that because we are a smaller boutique brokerage firm, each and every client is a priority. We work as a cohesive team that together help create the best customer service available. 

Our service includes acting as the clients freight and logistics department, coordinating cargo movements from conception to delivery at the final destination. We accomplish this by understanding your requirements, checking our network and the market to locate the most suitable vessel with the best ship owner. We then facilitate that contract from charter party to invoice finalization. 

We understand that ship chartering can seem like a daunting job for one who is experienced in logistics, but new to shipping. Don’t worry, we here at Sea Chartering have experience in guiding businesses through the process of chartering vessels. Helping traders, producers, and manufacturers move product from point A to point B, continuing the process of globalization.   

Summary of Broker Activities:

  • Freight estimates, market research, market evaluation

  • Advise both Owners and Charterers of contract deadlines

  • Evaluate viability of shipping to certain destinations

  • Charter party creation

  • Voyage monitoring and problem resolution

  • Cargo scheduling recommendation and planning

  • Recommending how to ship the cargo, whether through a COA or a spot shipment

  • Preparation of laytime calculations

  • Collection of port information

Why use a broker?

Shipping laws and procedures are complicated, requiring years of expertise to thoroughly understand. Any small error can be costly resulting in thousands of dollars. Our relationships with Owners allow us to get rates from a variety of parties in a fast time frame. Sea Chartering gives our clients the peace of mind that all timely issues are taken care of, and all details are not overlooked. 

Owners understand that there are many sensitive timing issues that can surface during a voyage, so they know that if they do business through a broker that they will get these issues resolved in a timely fashion. This will lead to the Charterer being happy, which will then hopefully culminate in more business.